beauty + appeal + imp@ct

Company Profile

Value has become diversified, it’s looking for a value-added of creation to judge a difference.
Our company is aiming at goods of value to reach customer’s heart could be happy, using special effects
with hot press, embossing, screen printing.
Please feel and make sure that it’s various special effects.
Address: 310 Nakano-cho Matsuyama-shi Ehime 791-1121 Japan
Phone: +81-89-963-3020 Fax: +81-89-960-8018


・File server: Win2000
・Editional platform: Mac OS
・Image scanner: Genascan 5500
・Plate making: 650 X 550mm(Metal base)
 510 X 400mm(Poliester Base)
Offset printing
・4Color: 660 X 483mm(SHINOHARA 66)
 520 X 360mm(HAMADA 583)
・4Color+anilox coater with UV curing
520 X 360mm(SHINOHARA 52 UNO)
・2Color: 520 X 350mm(HEIDELBERG GTOZ)
 450 X 330mm(HEIDELBERG QM)
Screen printing
・750 X 1060mm(SPS VITESSA XP2 with UV curing line)
・450 X 600mm(SPS Gilco Pulvo P-4560)
Hot press & Embossing
・Hot press & Embossing
・520 X 720mm(GIETZ FSA720)
・560 X 820mm(HEIDELBERG SBB)
・450 X 300mm(HEIDELBERG GTP)
・380 X 260mm(HEIDELBERG TP)
・Die cutting & creazing
・560 X 820mm(HEIDELBERG SBB)
・450 X 600mm(LaserPro Mercury)
Laser works
・SEI Giotto CO2(200W)
・GCC LaserPro(12W)

Product guidance

Hot press & Embossing
・Metallic foil
・Pigment foil
・Holographic foil
・various special features
 (scratch off, pearl, rainbow etc.)
Die cutting & Creasing
・Die cutting
・Laser cutting
Offset printing
・Anilox coater & UV curing
・Full color overprinting on foil
Screen printing
・Various coating
・Color change effect
・Opaque white
・Scratch off
・Various special effects